Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sarah Dunlap's Suit

Sarah's suit is completed! It's a two-piece with an underwire bra. She picked the material herself and I showed her the advantages of the underwire bra, so she decided to go with it. It's a first time for her with an this type of posing suit bra, but she already loves it, because nothing is "popping out" and she can concentrate on her routine, instead of worrying about the suit. Sarah's background is in gymnastics so she incorporates lots of movement in her routine.

The Charlotte Pro is less than a week away so Sarah is very excited. She shooting for the 1st place in hopes of going to the Olympia this year. I think she's got great potential and I wish her luck this weekend!

Monday, September 26, 2005

How to tie a posing suit properly

I get this questions a lot. While all the loops and strings could seem confusing at first, it's easier than it looks. Just follow the instructions below (some suits have a different tie system):

Feed the end of the string through the loop of the bottom piece (make sure the bra strings are crossed as in the photo)

Pull the string until you get a perfect fit then tie it in a knot

Tuck the remaining of the string inside the bottom piece

You're done! Now repeat with the other string