Thursday, March 03, 2005

Things to watch out for when buying a posing suit

Here's one of many "horror stories" I hear all the time from both experienced competitors and newbies. Here's an excerpt from the actual e-mail:
I had a lady by the name of Julie Lane do my suits for a show this next weekend. I paid her $460.00 in cash for a 2-piece figure suit, a bodybuilding suit and a 1-piece figure suit. When I saw the suits I was completely horrified.
She came recommended by the show's promoter, so I had to eat some major crow. I had her redo all the straps—she originally didn't even finish them (the ends weren't sewn shut, elastic hanging out, the straps didn't even look like they belonged, just completely separate entities from the suit). Only the bra section was lined and she cut holes in the lining (for inserts which I said I didn't want in the first place!).
To fix her screw up she hot glued the lining and butchered the suits completely. I can't even explain the complications, I am still having problems with the straps even after I had my mom try to repair them so I could get some use out of them. Oh ya, when I first tried them on, the sequins were popping off! She told me to take a hot glue gun to my contest to solve the problem!!!!!!!!
I cried myself to sleep over her fix up job.
HELP ME! It may be too late for this upcoming show which is three day's away. But maybe I could get excited about the Emerald Cup which is on the 29th of April.

Wow! She is obviously upset and I can understand why. No matter how careful you are in choosing your posing suit, there's always a risk of being stuck with something like this. Still, there are things you can do to better protect yourself:
  • Plan your order well in advance to leave room for the unexpected—you've worked too hard to blow it all away because of a bad suit.
  • Shop around! Know the differences between the posing suit companies, what their terms, prices, and guarantees are.
  • Ask other competitors about their suits and how happy they are with them.
  • Do not stick with one designer if her suits have gotten worse over time—you're still paying for them!
While I helped Michelle this time, I hope she follows my advice and won't find herself in this situation again.


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