Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Matching the suit color to my skin tone?

Here's are some questions I got from Nikki from Flenton, Michigan:
I am entering my first figure competition and have no idea how to pick the right color for my posing suit to match my skin tone. I don't know if they judge you on that? How would I go about figuring out what color posing suits will be best for me?
Although the color of your posing suit is not that important when it comes to impressing judges, consider choosing one that's pleasing to the eye and complements your hair color. Also, overly bright or unusual colors may distract from your physique and focus attention on your posing suit instead. The classic colors of red, black, and blue always work well. Also, check out this interesting article about red color from National Geographic.
Try to see if the combinations below will work for you (they're not only for posing suits, but for clothes in general):


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